Hi-Tech has a well established quality system accredited by ISO 9001:2000. Hi-Tech has a stringent incoming material and in-process quality plan. With the help of quality tools the rejection and rework levels are continuously checked and controlled.

Hi-Tech quality plan for manufacturing radiators incorporates routine and type test to be carried out on the radiators. The Routine Inspection carried out by Hi-Tech .

• All radiators after assembly undergo a full dimensional check.
• Flange alignment test
• All radiators are pressure tested at Kg/cm2 individually under water for a period of half hour.
• After painting the paint thickness is measured on all radiators using SPC technique to guarantee minimum thickness all over the radiator.
• Paint peel-off test as per ASTM 33 59 83 is performed on randomly selected radiators.
• Packing inspection to ensure safe delivery of the radiators to the customer end.

Type Test of Radiators.

• Radiators are type tested for leakage against hot transformer oil at 105°C at 1 Kg/ cm2 for a period of 12 hours.
• The Radiators are type tested to withstand vacuum of 5.0mm Hg absolute for one hour and permanent deflection measured at the centre should not exceed 0.5mm.