Radiators Technical Features


Hi-tech radiators has two automatic panel making line, with a cumulative speed of 4.5 mtr/minute i.e. a capacity of 1500 metric tons of radiators per month. The lines are fully developed in house incorporating all safety guidelines. The panels are manufactured from slit CRCA coils. The panels are cut to size from all four corners so as to ensure 100% uniformity and zero water pockets. The welding process is designed to ensure no water pockets develop on the panel which in turn ensure longer life and corrosion protection of the radiator.
Hi-tech can produce 520138013551300 mm wide radiator panels using Cold rolled carbon steel (CRCA) as well as stainless steel sheets of grade 304L and 314L with thickness ranging from 1.00mm to 1.6mm thick.

At Hi-tech the radiator manufacturing is designed to ensure that no foreign particle can enter the inside of the radiator during manufacturing. The fabrication process incorporates superior welding technology to ensure that no water pockets are developed during the fabrication process. The radiators are assembled in very precise gauges to ensure dimensional accuracy. Due to the high level of automation, well designed manufacturing processes & strict process control the fabrication time from start to finish for and average lot of radiators is just less than 14 hours.
Hi-tech can fabricate radiators with Centre to centre distances ranging from 1000mm to 4500mm. All the elements are held in position with bracing straps. Hi-Tech can provide 8mm or 10mm Dia bright rod or 25mm x 6mm mild steel flat for the purpose of bracing as per DIN 42559. Every radiator manufactured by Hi-Tech has a unique number punched on the radiator. This number helps in maintaining the quality records of the jobs. With this unique number the entire history of the radiator can be derived, form the workers name who have worked on the radiator or the time at which different inspections were carried out with inspector name or the time interval between two coats of paint with total raw material traceability.

Painting Process

The radiators are cleaned by air purging and all contamination in the radiator are magnetically removed. The radiators are then coated internally with phenolic resin based hot oil resistant varnish with a temperature index of 120 °C or paint as per customer specifications.

The radiators are grit blasted in an environmentally friendly blasting booth incorporating all safely measures. The blasting process is designed to give Sa 2 1/2 finish as per ISO 8501 or SSPC - SP - 10 standards.
Once the radiators are blasted they are cleaned with air and are loaded on to a very hitech conveyor. The conveyor and the paint shop are designed in such a way that the paint film of the radiators remains intake and there is no damage to the paint film due to handling. Hi-tech can provide various types of paint systems. All the systems are applied by flow coating technology which ensures that the paint reaches the inaccessible areas.

Hi-Tech can offer the following paint systems as per customer requirement.

• Radiators externally coated with synthetic Enamel paint as per IS 2932, final paint shade as per client specifications up to a maximum of 120 microns.
• Radiators externally coated with Epoxy paint. MlO & final paint shade as per client specifications up to a maximum of 300 microns
• Radiators externally coated with Zinc rich primer + Epoxy MlO + polyurethane paint, final paint shade as per client specifications up to a maximum of 300 microns
• Spray galvanized Radiators and coated with any of the above mentioned paint systems up to a maximum of 300 microns.

All the above systems are designed to withstand different conditions as per the ISO 12944 Global Corrosion standard.


Hi-tech supplies radiators packed in either wooden cases, sea worthy packing or pine cases. Hi-tech manufactures all the cases in house and pays special attention the packing and the accessories used for packing. For exports all containers are loaded in the factory and are sealed in the companies factory to be only opened at the customers end.